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CSB Issues Final Report and Safety Video on Formosa

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Excerpts from the release...
"The CSB found that both Formosa and Borden Chemical, the company from
whom Formosa purchased the plant in 2002, were aware of the possibility
of serious consequences of an inadvertent release of chemicals from an
operating PVC reactor. But the investigation determined that the
measures both companies took were insufficient to prevent human error or
minimize its consequences."

"CSB Lead Investigator Lisa Long said, 'The CSB investigation found that
systems and procedures put in place by both Borden Chemical and Formosa
were insufficient to minimize the potential for human error. In
addition, Formosa did not adequately train and drill its employees to
immediately evacuate in case of a major release of hazardous chemicals.
Such an evacuation would have saved lives.'"

"The CSB found that both Borden Chemical and Formosa were aware of the
potential for the severe consequences of opening the bottom valve on a
reactor under pressure. A 1992 Borden hazard analysis recommended
safeguards which were never adopted. Later, in 1999, another Borden
analysis again identified the same potential consequences - a massive
release of vinyl chloride - but determined that the existing safety
interlock was sufficient to prevent a serious accident."

Read the full release from the U.S. Chemical Safety Board, Washington DC


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