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Our press releases as well as some topic-appropriate releases from other sites.

Children's Products
Legal Action Leads to Massive Vinyl Bib Recall - hits:3337 | Last modified: September 06 2007 | opens in new window
Toys R Us Recalls PVC Bibs After Testing Confirms High Lead Levels
Other Releases
Press Releases about PVC and Plastics from other non-profits and associations.
Ranking Shows No Green Electronics On The Market - hits:4926 | Last modified: September 22 2006
Greenpeace today launched the 'Guide to Greener Electronics', which ranks companies on their use of harmful chemicals and electronic waste recycling.
USGBC Final Report: PVC an Unhealthy Building Material - hits:4028 | Last modified: March 07 2007
The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the nation’s largest green building organization, yesterday released its long-awaited assessment of the health and environmental impacts of polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC) building materials.
Consumer Protection Agency Covered Up Risks from Lead in Children’s Lunchboxes - hits:3623 | Last modified: March 07 2007
FOIA reveals CPSC testing showed lead lunchbox risk, yet the agency manipulated tests and misled parents on lunchbox safety...
CSB Issues Final Report and Safety Video on Formosa - hits:4126 | Last modified: March 07 2007
Excerpts from the release...
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