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Here are some important articles about PVC from the mainstream media.

An unsavory addition to kids' lunchboxes: lead - hits:4419 | Last modified: May 29 2006
'Along with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and juice boxes, some schoolchildren may be carrying something unexpected — and potentially hazardous — in their lunchboxes this fall.' Read this Los Angeles Times article to learn more.
Under the Microscope - hits:5428 | Last modified: May 29 2006
The issue of phthalates, how they used in host of products in the US and why they are banned in Europe and Japan. Read this Wall Street Journal Article to learn more.
Microsoft Is Curbing Use Of PVC, a Popular Plastic - hits:4963 | Last modified: May 29 2006
Thaddeus Herrick, Wall Street Journal, December 7, 2005
Activists forecast PVC use drawing to an end - hits:4155 | Last modified: May 29 2006
Industries are phasing out controversial plastic, Misty Edgecomb -Staff Writer - December 8, 2005 - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Effects of Deadly Train Crash Still Rumble Through Town - hits:4801 | Last modified: May 29 2006
A year later, people in Graniteville, S.C., say the release of chlorine gas damaged their health and harmed their property and businesses.
New York ordinance may put squeeze on PVC - hits:4161 | Last modified: May 29 2006
By Steve Toloken - Plastics News - New York -December 29, 2005
Potato Plastic - hits:5199 | Last modified: May 29 2006
Maine governor signs order changing state purchasing policies to prefer safer plastic alternatives.
Green House - hits:4616 | Last modified: May 29 2006
How to Build a Low-PVC, Reduced-Plastic, Polar-Bear-Sensitive House
'Green' chemists swap oil for renewable alternatives - hits:4849 | Last modified: May 29 2006
New product designs try to replace oil-derived ingredients with substitutes made from plant materials.
Invisible Danger? Parents Look Inside the Lunchbox - hits:4392 | Last modified: May 29 2006
Parents are changing their buying habits to try to protect children from possible environmental dangers in many commercially available resealable and disposable containers.
Intravenous Bags, Tubes Redesigned for Safety - hits:4395 | Last modified: May 29 2006
US second-largest maker of intravenous bags and tubes, plans to announce its first major overhaul of IV gear in more than 30 years.
Top Hospital Suppliers Annnounce Safer Non-PVC Medical Devices At CleanMed - hits:5417 | Last modified: May 29 2006
leading supplier to launch a full-service PVC-free, phthalate-free IV container, signaling an important shift in the medical device market toward safer alternatives
San Francisco board bans chemicals that may harm infants - hits:4630 | Last modified: July 10 2006
San Francisco's Board of Supervisors approves legislation that would make the city the first in the nation to ban the use of certain chemicals in the manufacture of plastic items used by infants.
For fresher air, find alternatives to vinyl walls - hits:4173 | Last modified: July 10 2006
Learn more about outgassing volatile organic compounds from PVC products like wall paper and their effects on us in our homes and our work places.
The perils of plastic containers - hits:7904 | Last modified: July 10 2006
Bisphenol A, (BPA), a hormone-disrupting ingredient in hard, clear polycarbonate plastic, leaches from food and beverage containers under regular use and in greater amounts with age and heat and should be especially avoided by pregnant women.
Timbuk2 Goes PVC-Free - hits:3884 | Last modified: July 23 2006
A more sustainable, Earth-friendly product from an already sustainability-oriented company
Delays over Dioxin - hits:4956 | Last modified: July 23 2006
An important EPA report on the dangers of dioxin has been fifteen years in the making. Now, the National Academies of Science say EPA still has more work to do. Living on Earth’s Jeff Young reports on why the effort is taking so long, and what’s riding on the final conclusions.
Supervisors to consider ban of certain plastics - hits:3838 | Last modified: July 23 2006
2 chemicals target of ordinance meant to protect children
Demand booming for NatureWorks polylactide - hits:3803 | Last modified: August 31 2006
The rising cost of petroleum based products is causing big-name plastics producers to take a second look at products produced using green methods.
Ranking Shows No Green Electronics On The Market - hits:4926 | Last modified: September 22 2006
Greenpeace today launched the 'Guide to Greener Electronics', which ranks companies on their use of harmful chemicals and electronic waste recycling.
Can chemicals in our home cause deformities? - hits:10016 | Last modified: September 22 2006
Growing numbers of boys are being born with malformed genitals. Are chemicals in our homes to blame? And what can be done about this distressing condition? Hannah Duguid reports.
EPA calls for Keysor site cleanup - hits:3945 | Last modified: September 22 2006
Cancer-causing chemicals still in the soil and groundwater at a former Saugus plastics plant make the property eligible for the federal Superfund cleanup program, the Environmental Protection Agency has found.
All-Clear Given after Georgia Gulf Fire - hits:9827 | Last modified: October 09 2006
...we do know that it did release hazardous chemicals into the air prompting a shelter in place for Westlake and the surrounding areas...
Environmental group targets PVC at Target - hits:3899 | Last modified: October 09 2006
The Center for Health, Environment and Justice ... has selected Target Corp. and its 1,300 stores as its next undertaking.
Survey measures gifts that keep being given - hits:3551 | Last modified: October 09 2006
Learn more about the fight against PVC use in product packaging at Target.
Banned Elsewhere, Compounds Still Used in U.S. - hits:5991 | Last modified: October 09 2006
Although chemical bans overseas have prompted some manufacturers to reformulate all their products worldwide, many toys and cosmetics are exceptions.
Mother Knows Best - hits:4658 | Last modified: November 08 2006
Fed up with breast-milk contamination, mothers form a national activist group.
Knocking Out Toxics: - hits:6548 | Last modified: December 23 2006
Why Companies Are Being Pressed to Use Safer Chemicals
YOUR WHEELS: About the air in their - hits:6589 | Last modified: December 23 2006
Somehow, 'outgassing from PVC parts' doesn't sound quite as nice as 'that new car smell.'
Toxic Toys - hits:5629 | Last modified: December 23 2006
San Francisco prepares to ban certain chemicals in products for kids, but enforcement will be tough -- and toymakers question necessity
What's Toxic In Toyland - hits:5031 | Last modified: December 23 2006
San Francisco's ban on toys like these has sparked a sharp debate about the dangers of plastic contaminants.
Fixit: A whiff of vinyl - hits:8557 | Last modified: January 29 2007
What you should know about vinyl shower curtains and volatile organic compounds in the home.
Oregon Considers Toxic Toy Ban - hits:3817 | Last modified: July 22 2007
...Two sides clashed Wednesday over a bill in Oregon that would prohibit the sale of toys and other consumer products for children under 5 that contain phthalates...
Company wants emissions rules relaxed for PVCs - hits:3616 | Last modified: August 28 2007
A company in the Chemical Valley wants the emission rules relaxed on vinyl chloride, a known carcinogen...
Some Hoses Unsafe To Drink Out Of Due To Lead - hits:4472 | Last modified: August 28 2007
A new study shows some garden hoses are unsafe for people to drink out of because of high levels of lead. Experts say it's still okay to use them to watering.
Tiny Town Demands Justice in Dioxin Poisoning - hits:4030 | Last modified: August 28 2007
A U.S. health agency has made research subjects of people in tiny Mossville, Louisiana by repeatedly monitoring dangerously high levels of dioxin in their blood while doing nothing to get the community out of harm's way, residents say.
Hospitals Move to Phase Out Chemical - hits:4664 | Last modified: August 31 2007
Some hospitals are hoping to phase out a chemical present in some neonatal intensive care unit equipment for fear that it may harm the health of newborns
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