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A list of non English language sites and campaign resources

Non-English language sites
FRANCE: CNIID - hits:4315 | Last modified: September 10 2005 | opens in new window
This National Centre for Independent Information on Waste features a section "D'abord ne pas nuire" or First Do No Harm which features PVC.
The European Commission has a website on PVC studies - hits:6166 | Last modified: September 10 2005
Greenpeace International - hits:15168 | Last modified: September 16 2005
Just type PVC or VINYL in the search engine to find a large range of resources and archived reports. Also explore the different Greenpeace websites in other countries (and other languages) for regional PVC information.
CZECH - Arnika Association - hits:3966 | Last modified: September 10 2005
English Sites
Healthy Building Network - hits:6961 | Last modified: September 10 2005 | opens in new window
This network gives information on a range of PVC-free building materials
Safer Products Project - hits:6353 | Last modified: September 10 2005
See how PVC use is associated with hazardous chemicals in common house dust. The website gives many resources.
My House is Your House - hits:8149 | Last modified: September 10 2005
Inspired by the movie BLUE VINYL, this site puts knowledge and consumer power to use in the fight against pvc production and the search for alternative building materials. [offsite]
BE SAFE - hits:7695 | Last modified: January 26 2006
This US-based network of grassroots groups campaign for PVC and dioxin phase-outs. A good resource for dioxin and health updates. Has ongoing campaigns to target PVC phase outs.
Health Care Without Harm - hits:6427 | Last modified: July 10 2006
An indepth resource for alternatives to PVC-free medical equipment and products
INDIA: Tamil Nadu campaign against proposed PVC plant - hits:5660 | Last modified: July 22 2007
A global alliance of 500 organizations from 77 countries are supporting a network of Indian groups against a proposed PVC facility.
PVC Free - hits:3929 | Last modified: October 11 2006
Watch a flash movie with Sam Suds telling us about the dangers of PVC.
Reports and Fact Sheets
healthy homes - healthy communities - the healthy habitat: a report - hits:5233 | Last modified: February 07 2007 | opens in new window
The goal of this project was to build an affordable PVC-free house within a typical Habitat budget less than $60,000. To document the construction, produced a short video and report on lessons learned and ways to build additional PVC-free homes.
Patrick Moore: - hits:3836 | Last modified: March 07 2007
The Case of the "Greenpeace Co-Founder" and His Corporate Clients - Prepared by Environmental Health Fund, Research by Public Information Network, February 2007
Powerpoint on PVC
This follows the life cycle of PVC's inherent problems along with examples of companies who have phased out PVC use in their products.
PVC powerpoint - hits:5445 | Last modified: September 10 2005 | opens in new window
Comments and reactions to the Green Paper on Environmental Issues of PVC prepared by the European Commission. - hits:4234 | Last modified: July 22 2007 | opens in new window
This paper contains Greenpeace's comments and responses to the issues and questions raised in the EU Commission Green Paper on the Environmental Issues of PVC,published on 26 July 2000
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